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Projects : The Journey

The Journey is about Time out of Time, being conscious of time as we journey forth in our daily lives, in our dreams and in our memories.  When we try to hold time we feel both the mortality and the immortality contained in every waking moment. Consciousness is not always realized - it is the artists’ duty to awaken us to that moment.The video, Journey, explores the condition of living globally: one could be in Africa on Tuesday, Manhattan on Wednesday and the Caribbean on Thursday. While traversing this landscape, the irony that we are surrounded by people who, in varying degrees, are also connected by these places makes time seem transcendental. The Journey, includes digital images, which are still images taken from videos shot while driving through New York City. What looks like a landscape, in fact a Caribbean land/seascape, appears in the windshields of these speeding vehicles giving the mystical feeling that one carries their world around inside of them. This internal mirror enables us to register these “mysteries hidden in plain sight” in our subconscious but like passing clouds they are impossible to grasp. What do we really see as we look at the world around us?


The Journey from Janet Cook-Rutnik on Vimeo.