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Projects : Moments in Time

Moments in Time, is a video of images shot of the night sky, with text in the form of subtitles and natural ambient sounds of the night. In Moments in Time the intention is to illustrate the timeless beauty of the eternal night sky framed by the same flora that has existed in this part of the world since recorded history. The subtitles with excerpts from Cristopher Columbus’s 1493 diaries illustrate how little some things have changed in the last 500 years, which have been dominated by changes that are man made but have not destroyed the initial impression made on Columbus and those who come here for the first time –

“All these islands are very beautiful, and distinguished by various qualities; they are accessible, and full of a great variety of trees stretching up to the stars; the leaves of which I believe are never shed… each one was thriving in its own way...”
Christopher Columbus, 1493



Moments in Time from Janet Cook-Rutnik on Vimeo.