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Projects : Migrations

Migrations is the name of an exhibition and project that includes House of Dreams / Sidewalk Houses / Transitions. These are the titles of an installation, two series of photographs and a video, in which the theme of migration is treated in both an abstract and personal way. The installation, House of Dreams, evokes the transitory nature of the naïf house of the Caribbean shanty and the thatch roof “bomas” of the nomadic peoples of East Africa as these images are projected on an ephemeral house made of gauzy fabric stretched over an 8 x 6 x 7’ frame. From the Caribbean and East Africa the focus shifts to the streets of New York City where the photographs, Sidewalk Houses, of images on the sidewalk at 19th Street are reminiscent of a child’s drawing of a house remembered. The video, Transitions, starts with a journey along the Hudson River from the vantage point of the passenger who transits time and memory as day fades into night, one journey ends and a new one, by car, begins. These scenes are followed by subway shots of modern day nomads moving from place to place in silent contemplation. From the video a series of photographs have been culled of captured images in which time and movement are frozen. As we move from place to place, passively or actively, our perceptions are continually filtered through the prism of memory where our own personal house of dreams resides. This is the place where all our migrations begin and end.


Migrations from Janet Cook-Rutnik on Vimeo.